Our dream Stroke Rehab Centre



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At Derbyshire Stroke Centre our approach to stroke recovery is unique and you only have to follow us on Facebook to see the inspirational improvements that people are making here every week.  What is even more inspiring is the culture of support and encouragement shown by everyone at the Centre - stroke survivors, their families and carers and our amazing team. 


The success of the gym and our exercise sessions have far exceeded our expectations and because of this we are growing at a remarkable rate and desperately need more space to support all the people who are asking for our specialist help with their recovery following a stroke or head injury.  


As many of you know, we currently rent our building.  However now we have been here a while it is apparent we need a Centre of our own that will specifically meet the needs of stroke survivors and their carers. Therefore we have started a fundraising campaign that will enable us to purchase a building, originally we wanted to build a new Centre, however we have viewed several big houses for sale locally that would allow us to move in and start providing an amazing service straight away, without the inevitable delays that come with building! 


Our new Rehab Centre will have enough space for our current gym plus it would allow room to grow and add new specialist rehabilitation equipment. We would have a dedicated areas for carers to meet, a physio room, a garden and a café with a bigger kitchen for Chris! It would also allow us to provide much needed respite.


Over the next 18 months Julie and Debbie will be busy applying to grant making organisations for funding, but we would be grateful for any support you are able to give us. There are many ways everyone can help; if you belong to any groups that make donations to local charities – please put our name forward. If you or a family member has ever wanted to raise funds for charity doing a sponsored event – now would be a great time to do it!


The generosity of local and national organisations who kindly gave us grants to buy equipment and resources as well as the fundraising done by you and your families has helped to provide a service that in unique not just in Derbyshire, but for the whole country.

Now we have an exciting challenge ahead of us - we need to raise between

£1 and £1.5 million pounds to enable us to buy our new Centre. With this we could move straight in and start offering the services we need to provide for survivors and carers.